Love God and Make His Love Known

One of the things we love to do is help people in practical ways, showing the love of Jesus in a real, tangible way. We have several outreaches we do on a recurring basis as well as those that occur spontaneously throughout the year. Look for upcoming events to be announced on our home page. Below is a brief description of some of our ongoing outreaches in our community:

Destiny's Attic - Furniture Outreach

We regularly help people who are coming out of our local homeless shelter, The Liberty Center, and others in need with basic household furniture. Contact the church office at 419-334-4673 to donate clean, usable furniture, or if you are willing to help pickup furniture when you are available. If you are in need of furniture, call the same number.

Weekly Food Giveaway:

We are compelled to do for good things for others. Our grocery outreach allows us to provide needed groceries and household items to residents of a nearby housing development. We currently partner with Pontifex on Monday's to give our groceries. If you are interested in helping contact Jan @ Pontifex, 333-9667 to find out more.

Quarterly Grocery Outreach:

Quarterly we are blessing a neighborhood in our community with groceries. We want to do more than just provide food so it will often include games with the kids, an opportunity for prayer, and other ways to show the love of Jesus in a practical way. Watch for dates to help be a part of this fun event.

Semi-Annual Love Your Neighbor Day Project:

Twice a year with partner with other churches in our community to take 1/2 day and provide practical help for any homeowner who needs help with projects around their house. From spring/fall yard cleanup, housekeeping, and small projects that utilize the skills of our congregations, we join with the body of Christ in our community to help those in need.

Annual Single Mom's Car Care:

Providing single moms with an oil change, car wash and vacuume, as well as some groceries to take with them, has been a true joy these last few years. Kids get to play and get their face painted while they wait! Look for sign up to help, usually in May, or if you know someone who could benefit from this service.

Annual School Supply Outreach

Each August, we assist some needy children with "back to school" supplies. Paper, notebooks, pencils, crayons, folders, scissors, etc. This outreach provides age and school specific packages.