Welcome: Worship Leader- CHRISTOPHER CULLEN--Please do welcome AFTER the first song-"Good Morning everyone and welcome to the Vineyard,..........." Invite people to stand and worship together.  

 AnnouncementsSHARLA MCMASTER(be ready to come up immediately after last song) - "for those of you that I have not met yet....I'm _______, and I lead the_______ Ministry of the Church and am a member of the Ministry Council--OR I am a part of the Executive Team here at the Vineyard".

If you are a first time GUEST  we would love if you would fill out the Connect card in your bulletin and tell us how you found your way here today. For each card we get, we will donate $10 to the Pontifex Food outreach! We love supporting all that Pontifex does and partnering with them to feed the hungry in our community.  We promise not to send you a lot of junk…..Just drop your Card at the Connect Table in the Gathering Place as you leave today and be sure and pick up a welcome packet that includes a free worship CD as our gift to you. 

Offering-If I could have the ushers come up as we continue to worship with our tithes and offerings…..(pray for offering and then ushers will pass baskets while you are doing announcements).   USHERS-DO NOT PASS THE BASKETS UNTIL PRAYER IS DONE


  • Men's coffee - every first Saturday at 8:00 at Down Thyme Cafe on Front St. Come and meet the fellas of New Hope Vineyard in a casual, laid-back environment. Even if you don't drink coffee - they have other drinks and good food!
  • Church Breakfast! Next week (Sunday, September 3rd) we will be starting breakfast every first Sunday of the month. A tasty, hot breakfast will be served from 9:00-9:45, and best of all.... It's free!!! But we need you to make it happen! We need volunteers to help cook and serve before church and clean up after church. Sign up on your Connection Card.


Pastor Tony will be leading  a Marriage Class on Saturday, Sept 9, 9am-2pm at the church. If you are thinking of getting married, just got married, or have been married for years- this class is for you! Pick up a registration packet from the Welcome Table and sign up to attend.

Please read your bulletin for other events coming up so you don't miss anything.

With all that said…..children meet your teachers in the blue shirts at the middle doors to head over to Kids Church. while they are doing that, please greet someone nearby as Tony comes to share the message with us today.

Sermon -Series: KINGDOM COME - MOVING FORWARD- Connect, Grow, Serve, Celebrate- TONY BUXSEL