Walking It Out – Worship

Octtober, 8, 2017 

Sanctuary is set for the morning: 

  • Shutters closed

  • Candles are lit (lots of candles)

  • The King’s banquet table is set with communion elements

  • Small table with pens and note cards (by closet)

  • Basket at the foot of the cross

  • Light music playing

  • Slide on screens : “Welcome to New Hope Vineyard - This is holy ground”

  • Slide on monitor in hallway – “Prepare your heart for worship”

  • No coffee in sanctuary – sign referring people to the Gather Place “for today only” 

Opening song: Glory to the King (G)


Welcome and explanation of the morning “Worship Experience”(TONY) 

  • Worship posture invitation – Stand, kneel, prostrate, dance, hands up, hands out, etc.

  • Communion available all through service

    • Come when you’re ready.

  • Table with note cards

    • things you need to give up to Jesus today.

  • Announcements -JAN NOWAK-(BE READY TO COME UP IMMEDIATELY AFTER TONY IS DONE EXPLAINING THE SERVICE) - "for those of you that I have not met yet....I'm _______, and I lead the_______ Ministry of the Church and am a member of the Ministry Council--OR I am a part of the Executive Team here at the Vineyard".

If you are a first time GUEST  we would love if you would fill out the Connect card in your bulletin and tell us how you found your way here today. For each card we get, we will donate $10 to the Pontifex Food outreach! We love supporting all that Pontifex does and partnering with them to feed the hungry in our community.  We promise not to send you a lot of junk…..Just drop your Card at the Connect Table in the Gathering Place as you leave today and be sure and pick up a welcome packet that includes a free worship CD as our gift to you. 

Vineyard 101 is coming up......Oct 14th.....9-noon.  If you've been coming here for a little while and want to know more about who we are and what we are about, this is for you.  If you are thinking about calling this place home, it is also a  pre-requisite for membership. Please fill out and turn in a Connect Card so we know that you're planning on attending. (Media graphic please)

VKC Kids--you have a harvest party coming up on Saturday, October 21st. This will be at Riehm Farms on SR53, Tiffin. Please sign up at the Kids Church area. Everyone needs to be at the Farm by noon to get the group discount.(Media graphic please)

And after you pick the kids up from the Farm, come on over to the church for a time of fellowship and good eats!We are having a Hog Roast/Harvest Party that day from 2pm until-???. Please bring a side dish to share . We will eat 4:30pm. The meat(obviously) and drinks will be provided. What a great day of fall family fun!(Media Graphic please)

Attention all middle school and high school students and their parents- that is students currently in 6-12 grade- there will be an informational meeting immediately after the service on Sunday, Oct. 22nd, Please plan on attending.(Media graphic please)

Please read your bulletin to find out what other events or classes are taking place. 


Songs:Reprise: Glory to the King (chorus) 


What Joy Is Found (D)


Responsive Reading: Psalm 100 (NIV) (Jacobus)


Dance: Here as in Heaven (Jessica) (7:13)  


Offering and Kids’ dismissal -JAN NOWAK-"Please join with me as I pray before we take up the offering. Kids' Church teachers and students are released to go to class while the offering is being collected. Let's pray"(pray your own prayer).


Offering baskets are passed and kids go to Kids Church while Duet is being sung.


Offering Duet: “I Worship You” Christopher and Charity)


Testimony: Donna


Song: Breathe (G)


Testimony: Abby-Jo


Songs: Reprise: Breathe (chorus into “You are the air I breathe…)


Invitation Fountain (G)


Testimony: Chris  


Song: All Who Are Thirsty (D)


Reading: John 4:21-26 (NLT) (Jacobus)


Video: Creation Calls (6:22)


Ending song: Bless His Name (A) (fun, uplifting, high-energy)

 Ministry Time